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An art trading game.

Season 1. When 14-year-old outcast Luz discovers a portal to a new world, she meets a witch named Eda, and a demon named King; in order to get home, Luz has to help them with a mission. When an ancient wizard gives Luz a map for a mystical quest, she wonders if she is actually a Chosen One. The Owl House (Casa Búho en España, The Owl House: La Casa Búho en Hispanoamérica) es una serie animada de televisión estadounidense producida por Disney Television Animation para Disney Channel.Fue creada por Dana Terrace y se estrenó el 10 de enero de 2020 en Estados Unidos.. El 21 de noviembre de 2019, se anunció que la segunda temporada de The Owl House había recibido luz verde.

This is a fun take for a little CAS challenge! If you're reading this, send me some 💕. I can't draw but this would be so fun in CAS! I know most of you barely remember my OCs, but please, please, send me some of these anyway. If you want a specific OC, please say who! ️. #reblog #oh i do need some inspo!!.

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Gus 🔄 Matt. Camila 🔄 Belos. Notes about this au: ——————————-. •Everyone's personalizes are not swapped, just their roles. However, personalizes may be slightly altered due to the newly found life situations (due to role swapping). •Luz's palisman is a swallow, purely based of aesthetics. •Cannonical story.

Mount Gloria Student OC contest. Well, as I've been getting students, I've been drawing references for them to help my team be able to like put them in the background or for reference for my color assistant. And I thought, "Hey, what if I share these references in batches and hopefully it will bring in more submissions!" So here we are.

[This is a Witch character maker inspired by The Owl House. The Owl House is a Disney show created by Dana Terrace. This image maker is only inspired of the TV show and does not intend to copy or claim ownership of any copyrighted character or artwork. This image maker is not to be used for commercial purposes.] This took me 3 days and I'm kinda proud of it so if you appreciated it or have any ....

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